A busy active kid since the early age, she was fortunate enough she was introduced to sports since she was five years old. From karate to artistic skating, gymnastics, dancing and swimming in summer, she was always "on the go".

Fast forward to her late teenage years, she soon realised that she had less and less time for sports and keeping active, so she joined a local gym, but despite her commitment to go and train, she would rarely go, as she did not really know what to do and she would find the "traditional gym training" too boring. She soon found out that at that gym they had started a new Fitness class, called "Fitboxe". Kicking and punching a punch bag to the music? Ohhhh, she loved it! After a while, though, the instructor left and eventually she left the gym too.

Long story short, Giada started gaining weight and soon became unhappy with what she was seeing in the mirror and how she was feeling. She decided to go on a diet and took on jogging. In a couple of months she had lost the weight she wanted but she was left with craving foods and she wasn't even enjoying all the running. 

After finishing her degree in Translation and Interpreting, she then moved to the UK and soon gained even more weight. So, she started exercising on her own at home, but wanting and needing more guidance and support, she decided to invest in a coach who would train her online and keep her accountable with her goal and nutrition.

THAT is when things started shifting for the better: she started fitting into her clothes comfortably again, she was feeling full of energy, stronger and much more motivated; she started feeling so good about herself that she realised how much she had missed regular training not only from a physical point of view, but mentally too. She felt happy again and much more in control of her life, her daily choices and her overall mental wellbeing too.

That is when her passion for health and fitness ignited and she soon realised that this was just the beginning of something bigger. Equipped with a renewed sense of purpose she went on to become a qualified Personal Trainer to pursue this as a career: more women like her, busy with life and sometimes lost in their ways, needed to understand that they too could find their way to fit fitness into their lifestyles, take back control over their lives and lead a much healthier, more vibrant, happier life.

Giada is now a qualified Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Zumba Instructor, STRONG NATION Instructor and a Mindset Coach. As such, she loves introducing, and/or re-introducing, women to this, at times, overwhelming and intimidating health and fitness journey, through her group classes, her women-only community, her mindset blog posts and her new personal coaching programme, all while helping them find enjoyment, as well as lifelong benefits, in taking care of their physical and mental health.