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No, it's not a Kettlebell! Even though it can always come in handy ;)


Have you ever gone on holidays to a nice, sunny place, knowing you would have done nothing but relaxing, sunbathing and diving into the sea or your hotel's swimming pool, and brought your heaviest winter coat with you?

I hope not, right? That would be quite unnecessary and an extra weight to carry that you don't really need. You would normally pack what you know that you will use and that can be useful in that particular place.

You see, the same happens when it comes to our health and fitness. When we embark in this health and fitness journey we need the right equipment and the number one asset you will want to have with you is the right mindset, or better yet,


Now, the term mindset gets thrown out there a lot nowadays. It is good to see that we are starting to understand the importance of having and nurturing a supportive, healthy mind, but there is also a lot of confusion and misuse of this term, so my intention with this blog post today is to share some of my experience and knowledge (I had the amazing opportunity to invest in The Mindset Academy 2017 and get coached and certified as a Mindset Coach by these two incredibly passionate and knowledgeable professionals, Callum Hardingham and Sam Pashley) in the hope of shedding some light and clarity around such topic and help you get the most out of your health and fitness experience.


What is mindset?

There are a couple of quotes I like to refer to, when it comes to define the word mindset:

1. "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change." - Wayne Dyer
2. "The way we choose to see the world, creates the world we see." - B. N. Kaufman

From these quotes we can immediately understand a couple of things. Mindset is both

  1. a perception, OUR perception, meaning we see the outside world based on our inner world;

  2. and a choice (an influenced and sub-conscious choice from the very beginning of our lives, that can remain so, until we become aware of it and understand that we CAN CHANGE IT, if we wish to do so) that we create, meaning we have the power to see the outside world in a different way.

In other words, our mindset is

“A series of attitudes, beliefs, values and memories, which determine our actions, behaviours, motivation and ultimately our success” (The Mindset Academy)

So, basically we are constantly looking at the world through a lens, which represents all we believe in, our values and memories. All what happens around us gets filtered through this lens: this is also why we all have our own unique experience of life and our own ideas about it, as we all have been brought up in different environments, around different people, with different values and beliefs. Look through a broken lens and you will surely have a different experience than if you look through a clear, intact lens. Makes sense? Change lens, change view. Pretty simple right?

However, knowing that this lens represents

our beliefs,

our values,

our experiences,

the environment we have grown up in,

basically all our life up until now,

we can now start to understand why changing something like our lifestyle habits, our nutrition, our body, it might not always be that easy. Our behaviours are a result of years and years of social and educational, mental and physical conditioning that have been "supporting" us until now.

[QUICK SIDE NOTE: So, next time you think of setting your new year's resolutions to join the gym, start exercising every day, eat healthy, perhaps consider first what brought you to where you are now, what habits, what beliefs, what values, what priorities and see if you can start from changing one of these by taking a smaller, but more significant, appropriate step for you, for your reality, your lifestyle, your values.}

So, now that we know and better understand what mindset is, let's have a look at what it is not. Mindset is not:

  • thinking positively all the time

  • being happy all the time

  • fixed - it can be changed, HAPPY DAYS :)

This is very good news as we can finally get rid of all that societal pressure of thinking we need to be happy and positive all the time, every single freaking day and minute of our life! It cannot be possible. It would mean denying all other emotions and experiences that are part of being human and that is not really what you can call "healthy", but rather detrimental.

Having a supportive, positive, healthy, strong, empowering mindset does not mean that you will never have a bad day, ever again, that you will not have days when you feel low, demotivated, sad; nor that you will be the healthiest, fittest, strongest person you have ever been from one day to another.

No, none of that.

Having a strong mindset means that you will better understand your behaviours and your view of the world so that you will be much more conscious and aware of how you respond to events, who you surround yourself with, how you (want to) go about your life; it means that if something upsets you, gets you angry, anxious, you can stop a second, acknowledge your feelings and then decide what is the best, healthiest way to move on; it also means that when you struggle to lose weight, stick to your goals, eat better, you can take a good look at what is not working and why and CHANGE THAT! You will know that you can take a different, more appropriate approach, rather than blaming yourself, your partner or talk yourself down to "This is just the way I am, it will never work, I will never change."

And this, girl, if you have not realised it yet, is one of the biggest super powers you could ever wish you have. Yes! Because NOW you can decide whether you want to let that thought or experience ruin and determine the rest of your day - or even worse, in some cases, the rest of your life - or use that to your advantage and change its narrative, see it under a different lens (remember?), one that can actually HELP you and SERVE you better right now.

So, well...I can finally say, WELCOME to

While during class we will get to test and challenge our bodies and minds, and have some fun, of course,

THIS BLOG will be our space to discuss about it all: mindset, health and fitness as a whole

and how to get STRONG, together, from the inside out!

I cannot be more excited to have you as part of this community and share this with you!

Hope you found all the above helpful.

Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to seeing you in class!



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